5 Takeaways from The Theory of Relativity

Thoughts about an interesting, unique performance that featured various issues, stories

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see the Musical, The Theory of Relativity. The production was a fun, lowkey experience that only lasted an hour and 30 minutes. After thinking about the play these are the 5 things I came away with:

  1. The physics equations and scaffolding used for the set provided a satisfying background to the play.
  2. The storylines were entertaining. The musical had multiple concurring storylines that ran at the same time. Each story felt unique and different.
  3. A large cast. The musical had a very large cast, but only a couple members were the focus. Meaning that some cast members didn’t have a speaking part.
  4. The subject material of the musical was more mature than expected. The variety in songs was vast. Some songs talked about leaving home for college or friendships changing after high school. Other songs tackled abortion, death, and abandonment. The different songs were spread throughout the play so that one section didn’t feel heavier than the other.
  5.  The best part was Haya Fine 22’s final monologue. Fine was able to pull off an impressive monologue, while miming getting her nails done. Not only was her acting believable, but the monologue was the scene that brought all of the different stories together and delivered the core message of the musical.