Attending Camp During Summer Creates Memorable Experiences

Relationships formed, sense of community created at camp

Gabi Marmet, Staff Writer

Do you have a summer camp that you look forward to going to all year? I keep a countdown on my phone that tells me exactly how many days there are until I go back. Going to a camp over the summer is one of the best ways to pass time and will provide unforgettable memories and lessons that will last a lifetime. 

I have been going to the same summer camp for about the past 7 years, and it has become my favorite place on earth. It’s a sleep away camp called Herzl Camp and located in Webster, Wisconsin. Throughout the years, I have created tons of friendships and memories that have impacted my life and shaped who I am as a person. Some of my best and closest friends today I met through camp and who knows if we’d have still been friends without it. 

The benefits of a summer camp vary for each person but one important impact of going to summer camp is that people learn to go out of their comfort zones and be themselves. Camp helps people strive to become the best version of themselves and go out of their bubbles to meet others. Camp also has an amazing energy that one can’t feel anywhere else. Everyone is always just at camp to have a good time, and doesn’t let anything get in the way of their fun. The energy of each person is very upbeat, which creates and brings a positive energy to the staff as well as campers. The community camp is amazing as well because the people are what makes camp so special, everyone is always there for each other and maintaining a positive and spirit attitude among others. Camp also helps create unbreakable friendships and memories that will last years. It can be pretty easy at a camp to find at least one person who is similar to themselves, and they can bond over these similarities and eventually become friends. Even though some of my camp friends don’t live in Minnesota or I don’t see them that often, I still keep in touch with them throughout the school year and can’t wait to see them once again during the summer. Although one can make many friendships at summer camps, it also teaches people how to become self-sufficient and gain independence. People don’t live with their parents at camp, and there are only a few counselors per cabin, so it is necessary to learn how to fend for yourself and take independence in one’s self. There are so many lessons and memories that one can take home from their camps, which is why I recommend going to a summer camp so much. Who knows, maybe if you try out a summer camp, you will end up loving it!