Humble Watches Tell Same Time as Flashy Watches

Function, wrist fashion collaborate for style


This accessory is cheap, but still good quality

Eva Stegic, Columnist

      Watches have always been a staple piece in a wardrobe, but over the years they have changed with popularity. The invention of digital watches and watches with screens (i.e. an Apple Watch) have increased in popularity, making the watch world more diverse. Talking with students and teachers at Blake about their watches makes for interesting conversations, as I have found that many students own digital watches while most teachers prefer an analog watch. Speaking with Mr. Canfield, who loves watches, I learned that there is much more to the watch world than what might meet the eye. He notes that he is “not an authority on watches,” but with his skill and determination, he might just be. 

     Going into watches, there might be a lot of stigma around what is deemed to be acceptable, as there are often large companies that sponsor movies, actors, and brand deals. For instance, Omega watches are often seen in James Bond movies, while Rolex watches can be seen on many Formula One drivers. For many years, these expensive watches are what have been seen in the media, influencing the way people might think about the watch world. Mr. Canfield now notes that social media and the internet have made a simpler watch more accessible, even while “large affluent brands” might be overpowering.

     As I asked him about which watches to look into that are less expensive, he expanded upon the brand Seiko, saying, “Don’t get drawn in by the Rolex GMT Master ii, but how about a Seiko Five,” an automatic, known for its quality as a beginner watch. Even with these more simple brands, they still have much to offer, as a watch by Seiko was worn in the movie Apocalypse Now, and has been since known as the Captain Willard Watch: a Seiko 6105. The Seiko Five is a classic watch; additionally, with many makes and models, it becomes an inexpensive watch that is a great place for beginners. 

     If you are more like me, and want to choose a smaller and more subtle watch, Mr. Canfield had shown me his Casio F-91W, a watch that has been around since 1989. These watches are only around $20: the digital screen, black rubber strap, and built-in alarm and stopwatch system, make for an entertaining piece of technology. Similar to the Seiko Five, there are a couple different versions of these Casio’s, also making it easy to choose one you like. 

     Both the Seiko Five and a classic Casio are great places to start if you are interested in watches; regardless of what you might be interested in, there is really no consequence to a watch. Yes, a flashy watch from Rolex or Omega might seem more appealing and mysterious, but beginning with something small and then working your way up might be more rewarding. If anything, Mr. Canfield says, “It’s easy to have a romance with a watch,” so maybe invest in one of these watches, and observe as the world of watches unfolds.