Hunger Committee, Empty Bowls Meld for Fundraiser

Clubs collaborate, raise of $1000, combat food insecurity


Submitted By: Daphne Dresner

Truman Morseman ’23, Grace Flikke ’24, Davin Khan ’24, Woerner, Kelly Deng ’25, Eloise Walsh ’24

Cleo Kilpatrick, Sports Editor

On Monday May 2, 2022 the Hunger Committee and Empty Bowls Club had a very successful charity event. The event raised $1,254 for Every Meal, a non profit organization, with a mission to fight child hunger.They work to provide food programs to children who are in need, especially during summer months when school is out and many kids lack a stable food source. 

Chad Woerner ‘22 is a member of the Empty Bowls Club and helped out at the event. He described his experience as, “It was really fun to see everyone from all three campuses come together and hangout with them.” 

There was a wide range of age groups at this event and they had way more kids than they expected. One of the Hunger Committee chairs Daphne Dresner ‘24 says, “We had everywhere from kindergarten to 8th grade.” The activity of this event was Dresner explains, “The Empty Bowls club made all the bowls and they brought them over to  [Seexeng] Lee’s art room in the middle school and all the kids painted them with acrylic paint then we decorated cookies. [Lisa] Sacriter also got some rice for us to pack for Learning and Style School.” Learning and Style School is another non profit organization in Minneapolis which provides education in English and Math to adult immigrants. 

Woerner expresses his favorite part of the event as being able to hangout with younger kids.  He explains “They’re super funny and engaged in the art work” and continued that he also liked helping “out people in our community who don’t have enough to eat.” Dresner similarly expresses that this event made her feel, “really happy just to see how many kids showed up. We had close to 40-50 kids and they were all engaged with the questions that we were asking them and they enjoyed learning about Learning and Style and Every Meal and what the Hunger Committee and Empty Bowls are about.” The Hunger Committee is still accepting donations for Every Meal. You can donate at