Cats Provide Needed Comfort, Daily Relief

Calmer pets, less commitment provide benefits for stress, easy to care for


Submitted by: Suzy Higuchi

Higuchi’s older sister, Suzy Higuchi ‘23, remarks, “My cat is really cute and he’s five years old. He’s a king.”

As one of the most popular domesticated animals, cats clearly hold qualities of a good pet. 

Despite being hated by die-hard dog lovers, cats are indeed great pets to have, according to Genevieve Gellerman ’24 and Hakuto Higuchi ’24. From being chill housemates to relieving stress and helping support mental health struggles, cats are overall a great choice for a pet if you’re looking for a mellow companion. 

First and foremost, cats are great pets if you’re looking for a more lowkey animal that is still larger in size. Gellerman, who has two cats named Marco and Polo, says that “cats can be left alone more, they’re more independent,” making them easier to coexist with than dogs, for example. Higuchi, who’s cat is named Zero, agreed, stating, “they aren’t as clingy or as active as dogs,” making them a lot easier to take care of. 

Additionally, cats help soothe stress and can support mental health struggles. Higuchi adds that “just being able to pet them helps a lot with mental health and stress.”                   

Furthermore, Gellerman notes that her cats help her when in need of a quick reset, elaborating, “When I need a study break for like five minutes, I’ll just go and sit with my cats and hangout with them.”

Overall, cats are a great option for anyone who wants a loving pet, but dreads the high commitment.