Dogs Help with Dynamics, Happiness

Playful, entertaining pets bring joy, amusement to families


Submitted by: Bristol Pann

Pann’s dog Fozzy Bear poses for the camera.

“He’s always there. Always really cheery, ready to give you a hug, or take your mind off things,” says Jahnvi Chopra ’25 about her well-loved Golden-doodle, Ozzie. 

Dogs play a big role in many people’s lives, whether it’s as a playmate, a reason to go outside to get some exercise, or someone who is there when times are tough. 

In fact, dogs are extremely lovable and kind-hearted creatures. As Bristol Pann ’26 mentions about his dog, Fozzy Bear, “He’s soft and he’s cute and he’s just…dog.” He continues, “He’s a cute fluffy boy who be there when…cry.”

In addition, many dogs contribute massively to the family dynamic. Many dogs have very complex, fun, and not to mention dignified personalities. Pann reflects about his dog’s role in their family, stating, “He’s the youngest but also very protective at the same time. Like, he barks at anything that comes relatively near our door and he also has a lot of [social] anxiety.”      

Chopra’s dog also has a specific place in her family. She continues, “He’s kind of like my best friend, my brother, my child, my uncle. You know, he’s like everything…If we go to the park, he’ll come with us. If we go on a walk, he’ll come with us.”

This is not to say that there are no downsides to owning a dog. It can be tiring to deal with all your dogs’ accidents, or aggressive behavior. Jayla Ferguson ’26 explains some drawbacks of owning a dog: “Sometimes they can bark really, really loud or they could be jumpy and aggressive.”

Dogs can be a lot of work, but for many, the advantages of owning a dog heavily outweigh the disadvantages.