Fall Attendance for Girls’ Sports on The Rise

Students cheer for their peers

Georgia Wilson, Contributing Writer

Fall sports are a popular time for sports, especially for girls. This year, girls at Blake have the opportunities to play sports such as volleyball, cross country, tennis, soccer, and swim & dive. 

During homecoming season especially, attendance for these sports became quite full. Saleya Scott ‘25 has been to a significant number of girls sporting events. Scott claims “I’ve attended girls’ volleyball [and] girls’ soccer.”

JV soccer player Jojo Arlowe ‘25 also has gone to certain sporting events and intends to go to more in the future. Arlowe states, “I think I’m going to go to the varsity girls’ [soccer] first playoff game.”

Arlowe further explains, “I might choose to go if I have friends on the team or if it’s a sport that I really enjoy watching.” 

It’s no surprise that Arlowe enjoys attending various girls sporting events. When asked if she likes sporting events in general, Arlowe responded, I’m a big [Minnesota] Gopher fan and [Minnesota] Wild fan, and my friend brought me to a [Minnesota] Loons game twice so that was fun.” She further states, “[Blake girls sports are] similar to professional sports just at a smaller level…so it’s good to get out there and support [these student athletes].”

In contrast, sporting events are not up everyone’s alley. Usman Mallick ‘24 has a valid explanation for why they, and other people, may not attend girls sporting events. Mallick explains, I just don’t have time with swimming and extracurriculars, as well as homework, to add a sporting event on top of that.” 

Although not everyone can make it to these games, it’s no surprise that girls sporting events are popular amongst the Blake community. With all of their skilled players and faculty, it makes the events very enjoyable to watch and experience.