Winter Activities Delight!

Cold weather creates opportunities for fun, athletics

Sam Tomczik, Staff Writer

Though the winter season can often be dreary and dull, the outdoor activities it provides are truly the season’s best gifts. Whether you decide to ski, snowboard, or skate on one of the countless lakes across Minnesota, you can be guaranteed an enjoyable experience. Those who likewise chose to brave the cold agree.

After starting to ski this winter, Obi Nwokocha ‘25 now finds no outdoor activity he doesn’t enjoy. “[Skiing and sledding] are something you’re doing outside and [that] feel like a change of pace from your normal day,” says Nwokocha. Like Nwokocha, Molly Seidel ‘24 relishes both the fun nature of the activities and the valuable time with friends and family. Seidel also enjoys the more nostalgic winter activities, “I attempted to make a snowman, however, the snow wasn’t sticky enough at the time, so no snowballs would form,” she said sadly. Sinclair Christie ‘26, who skis and skates competitively, says, “skiing and skating for fun [is] a lot less stressful” due to the more relaxed environment. Similarly, Seidel also finds skating outdoors enjoyable, despite not skating competitively. She says, “I like to ice skate in the winter… there’s an [outdoor rink] that my dad and I usually go to.” 

The variety of activities available is another appeal to these winter pastimes. While skiing and snowboarding can become fun, full days with family and friends, skating and sledding can be quick yet fun activities. “It depends on the day, sometimes, you feel like doing an activity, and sometimes, you just feel like enjoying the scenery,” says Seidel. Whatever your mood is, there’s a perfect winter activity for it. 

The only negative to winter activities, according to Nwokocha, is “the cold; it can be really bad. But as long as you dress properly for it [it’s still worth it] to go out with your friends.” Not only are winter activities fun in and of themselves, but according to Seidel, “after you get to go inside and be all warm, that’s the fun part.” Whether you have a leisurely day of sledding and snowmen-building, an intense day of snowy-downhill sports, or spend a few hours skating with your friends, the winter season offers fun to everyone!