“Twelfth Night” Energizes

Premiere receives standing ovation


Mackenzie Higgins

Cast members strike a pose after completing the final number on the Sunday Mar. 12 matinee, wrapping up a weekend of performances.

Anna Tao, Staff Writer

The premiere of the “Twelfth Night” musical showing on Friday, Mar. 10. was electric, so much so that the performance garnered a standing ovation from every single audience member. The show was clearly a smashing success, from wildly hilarious lines and delivery, to melancholy and profound tunes about forbidden love, losing family, and questioning societal gender roles. The musical is set on a fantastical island named Illyria, in which drama let loose, especially between those courting Olivia, played by Kimora Collins ‘23. The modern remake included traditional Shakespearean lines of dialogue, while the musical instrumental takes a more modern take, shifting the trajectory of the musical into an even more fun, jazzy showing. 

Here are seven thoughts I had while watching this truly wonderful show:

1. Despite the fact that this is a funeral, those parasols are so colorfully fun, and so is this live jazz instrumental.

2. That costume change from Anika Rodriguez ‘23 was so speedy, how’d she even pull it off?

3. I’m not going to lie, the only thing I can focus on right this second is the heartfelt and seriously relatable reactions of Saléya Scott ‘25 while playing that tambourine.

4. I think every single performer is a siren or something because, to put it simply, vocals!

5. The jazz numbers in this have me resisting the urge to stand up, jump on stage, and frantically dance with the cast members. Seriously. So. Good.

6. Malvolio, played by Alan Hodder ‘25, has a self-love that I think we all strive to somewhat achieve.

7. From strangers to friends, friends into lovers, and then lovers into… sisters?