The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Preview: Symposium on November 8th, professional journalists discuss about “fake news”

Bennett Hawley, Editor-in-Cheif November 6, 2017

This upcoming Wednesday, November 8th, we welcome four representatives from a local television station, a radio station, a newspaper, and an online newspaper to discuss the term that has been used a great...

Sophie Skallerud 18 in the midst of a match against St. Paul Academy.

Push for middle schoolers on varsity

Payton Crosby, Ava Olson, and Sonia Baig October 3, 2017

You have just finished your first high school tryout. Though you’re just a seventh grader, you left your heart and soul on the field. Now it’s the waiting game: will that email pop up into your inbox...

Taking on the task of seven classes

Eva Berezovsky and Bennett Hawley March 13, 2017

As March commences, the frenzy of course registration does as well. As each student moves through high school year by year, the amount of options of classes to take and the freedom within that choice grows....

With constant technological advances, it seems as if everyone knows where everyone else is at all times.

Technology offers new form of social anxiety

Eva Berezovsky, Creative Director February 9, 2017

The thought of living a day sans technology is deemed more and more horrifying as new iPhones are released and social media is updating. I personally catch myself subconsciously refreshing apps like Snapchat...

BGH sharing the glory with the loyal student section at Parade. On to the X!

Winter sports photographic recap

Bennett Hawley, Sports Editor March 18, 2016

Conor McDonough ‘16 regains his strength over the winter.

Off-season training transforms athletes

Isaac Gittleman, Staff Writer March 14, 2016

Students play sports for a variety of reasons. Some are simply looking to fulfill the graduation requirement, some to make friends and enjoy themselves, and some to prepare for collegiate play.  Many...

The boys’ and girls’ alpine teams both won the IMAC Conference Championship race on January 27.

Alpine team finally plunges into season

Willy Verneris, Staff Writer March 14, 2016

The fact that Minnesota has been having brutally cold weather this year is nothing new, but the lack of snow in the early months of winter is peculiar. The alpine teams, girl and boys, are feeling the...

The girls laud their well-deserved State Championship after an 8-0 win over SPU.

BGH celebrates third State Championship in four years

Varun Agarwal, Staff Writer March 10, 2016

Shawn Reid, head coach, reminisces, “As the game went on, more amazement overcame me. I was just so impressed with the aura of the team and how they played.” This scene unfolded this past Saturday...

Sasha Shogren showcases his tremendous speed.

Athlete Spotlight

Varun Agarwal, Staff Writer February 8, 2016

  Is  it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Sasha Shogren ‘18  of the boys’ hockey team. Shogren first started playing hockey at the start of second grade, back when he still lived in Russia....

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