Preview: Symposium on November 8th, professional journalists discuss about “fake news”

Many local media representatives will be on a panel to talk about what “fake news” really means

Bennett Hawley, Editor-in-Cheif

This upcoming Wednesday, November 8th, we welcome four representatives from a local television station, a radio station, a newspaper, and an online newspaper to discuss the term that has been used a great deal this past year and half, “fake news.” Some have inaccurately used this term, and the purpose of the Symposium is to educate our community with these four local professionals.

Leah Mclean, a news anchor for local news channel KTSP, will join us in effort to reevaluate what the term “fake news” really means.

Euan Kerr, an arts reporter for MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) News, will bring his unique perspective via radio newscast.

Erin Golden is a News and Government reporter for the Star Tribune and recently wrote an article entitled, “Minnesota ‘resistance’ groups unhappy with President Trump turn toward next election.” Golden’s knowledge in regards to government will be very intriguing as she discusses “fake news”.

Briana Bierschback, who is a Politics and Policy reporter for MinnPost, will also share about her work with writing and reporting on politics.

We intend for this symposium to be an interactive and educating experience in effort to delve into “fake news” and its social and political implications.