The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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Assassins Attracts Attention

Assassins Attracts Attention

Chapel Puckett, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 28, 2016

Nerf guns. Spoons. Killing. Stakeouts. During fourth quarter, these words are not uncommon to students as the tradition of the game Assassins is in everyone's minds. Although the administration’s...

Morgan Phillips ‘19 finds some open space right before taking a shot.

Promising Freshmen

Drew Anderson, Opinions Editor February 8, 2016

Looking out onto the light wooden planks of the court, you can see five players in Kelly-green duking it out with the opposing team. They are the Blake Girls’ Basketball team. Students attending the...

from left: Rachel Eggert ‘19, Ben Lee ‘19, Kyle Swing ‘18, Deborah Weiss, Nick Crosby ‘18, Zoe Zellmer ‘17, and Elizabeth Opp ‘18 watch Hillary Clinton speak along with Bill and Chelsea Clinton.

Clearing up caucus confusion

Jack Barker and Maxine Whitely February 4, 2016

A check on a ballot. Though it is commonplace for Americans to vote in the presidential election every four years, the caucuses leading up to the nomination of a Republican and a Democratic candidate has...

Iran nuclear deal divides nation

Iran nuclear deal divides nation

Sean Ericson, Copy Editor December 4, 2015

Donald Trump called it “the worst deal [he’s]ever seen.” Bernie Sanders said it “could keep the United States from being drawn into another never-ending war in the Middle East.” Senator Lindsey...

Jim Mahoney’s homeroom gathers in the morning for conversation.

Revising Advisory

Jack Barker, Staff Writer December 4, 2015

Often viewed as a footnote in the encyclopedia of student life, advisory seems to entertain arbitrary and sometimes aimless topics: surveys, discussions about civil discourse, even just hanging out. Students...

Recent reports find a correlation between red/processed meats and cancer.

Processed meats linked to cancer

Stuart Patterson, Comedy Editor December 3, 2015

Packs of bacon sit untouched on store shelves; Steak is treated with contempt rather than as an exquisite treat; Trash bins are piled high with lamb chops. While this may seem like some warped, dystopian...

Abbie Nelson and Pia Phillips speak about PAB’s PACKS at WE Day.


Melina Donelly and Lucy Nelson December 3, 2015

WE Day is a one-day event that celebrates service. It is organized annually by Free the Children, an organization founded by Craig Kielburger at the young age of 12 in 1995. Kielburger was joined by his...

Many students eat unhealthily because they get more food than they should eat.

How activity level affects eating habits

Isaac Gittleman, Staff Writer December 3, 2015

The saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” is often used when someone takes more food than they’re able to eat. In some cases, such as if someone is “carbo-loading” or naturally burning...

Donors increase blood flow in the arm by squeezing or rolling a heated object.

A (blood) type of hero

Samantha Monahan and Arden Shannon December 3, 2015

Every two seconds someone is in need of a blood donation, according to Memorial Blood Centers (MBC). From premature infants and organ transplant receivers to cancer patients and accident survivors, there...

Where music and physics align

Where music and physics align

Minjae Lee, Opinions Editor December 3, 2015

TASC is a time for some students to settle into practice rooms, hidden away from the obvious eye all around school. Passing the art department, musicians like April Wang ’16 can be heard playing the...

Reece Sanders ‘17 and Will Bean ‘17 discuss a plan of action.


Will Kaback, Student Life Editor December 3, 2015

For Reece Sanders ‘17, all it took was a moment. As he changed the radio station—something he’d done countless times before—he took his eyes off the road for a split second. That was all it took...

A portion of Python code that plays Rock, Paper, Scissors with the user.

Science Spotlight: Culture of Coding

Emmet Whitely, Contributing Writer October 29, 2015

Technology is all around us, in our backpacks, in our pockets, on our wrists, it’s almost impossible to do anything without the use of technology. But every piece of technology is useless without the...

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