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Frederick Loew ‘22 hangs an ENO Hammock at Hidden Beach Park near Lake of the Isles. Even in colder weather, mocking can be fun if you bring blankets and warm clothes. It’s also possible to hang hammocks above  one another to create a “stack” of sorts. Although slightly dangerous, it is helpful if you are in a location that isn’t densley forested.

Warmer Weather Calls for Outdoor Activities: A Guide to Mocking

Best hammock brands, how to tie them, and what to bring to ensure a fun day
Betsy Fries , Creative Director April 30, 2021

1. Acquire a portable hammock I highly recommend Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) brand or a knockoff from Amazon. The straps are sold separately (do not forget to buy those!) 2. Find two trees ideally...

Vaccines  Bring About Side Effects

Vaccines Bring About Side Effects

Different vaccines warrant varying reactions
Allyson Jay, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine has been available since early 2021 only for adults 65 years old or older, healthcare workers, anyone with underlying health conditions, and PK-12 educators. On March 30, the Pfizer-BioNTech...

BeautyCounter has, what is called, “The Never List,” which is a list of over 1,800 ingredients that they never use. For context, the US bans only 30 ingredients, and the European Union bans 1,400. In addition to creating cleaner products, they are working to change laws regarding ingredients in beauty products, so that everyone can have access to cleaner products.

Skin Care Products Vary in Safety

Many products have toxic ingredients, find safer alternatives
Sage Marmet, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2021

We are constantly surrounded by and consuming toxic chemicals in our daily lives, and these chemicals have a toll on our minds, bodies, and environment. It only takes 26 seconds for any product that you...

Left to right: Emma Brown ‘22, Anika Rodriguez ‘23, John Erlandson ‘21, Mohamed Yebdri, and Taous Khazem shoot a scene in the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens.

Spring Musical Takes New Format, Filming Takes Place Off Campus

Cast and crew members shift to new platform
Will Rosenblum, Managing Editor April 30, 2021

This year, an array of cameras, calls for quiet on set, and sculptures that come to life will replace the normal members of an audience in an “Alice In Wonderland” inspired movie musical.  With initial...

Nina Bush ‘22 says, “I’m excited about seeing people again but a little worried about [COVID-19] and managing the workload since I’ve gotten so used to the off days where I have the time to sleep in and get all my work done.”

Full In-Person Concerns Community

Students voice concerns about workload
Lucy Wolfe, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

On March 8, head of upper school, Anne Stavney informed the community that the middle school and upper school campuses would be returning to fully in person instruction starting April 19th. When asked...

Annabella Rozin ‘24 shares, “There was a huge sense of relief that I felt when the verdict was announced, because Chauvin had to be held accountable for his actions but also because Minneapolis would have felt the repercussions of the verdict more than anywhere else in the US. It was the best decision the jury could have made in terms of equality but also for safety.”

Chauvin Trial Causes, Heightens Tension

Community members react to trial, verdict
Evan Vezmar, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

Eleven months after George Floyd was killed in the custody of police, Derek Chauvin, the former officer who pushed his knee into Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes, went on trial. Chauvin was charged...

The walkout was in partnership with @mnteenactivists on Instagram and over 80 schools around the state participated.

Student Activists Organize Walkout

Students support Black Lives Matter and the fight against AAPI hate
Evan Vezmar , Staff Writer April 30, 2021

In response to persistent hate against Asian Americans and to offer support for the Black Lives Matter movement in light of the Chauvin trial and the deaths of George Floyd and Daunte Wright, Minnesota...

TikTok Proves to be Superior to Instagram Reels

TikTok Proves to be Superior to Instagram Reels

TikTok vs Instagram Reels
Allyson Jay, Staff Writer March 15, 2021

In late 2020, Instagram launched their new feature, Reels. Following its release, many Instagram users quickly pointed out the many similarities between Reels and Tiktok, another immensely popular social...

Understanding GameStop, Stock Market

Understanding GameStop, Stock Market

Subredditors create massive impact on Stock Market
Keaton Rannow, Staff Writer February 25, 2021

In Jan. 2021, a group of amateur traders led from the subreddit WallStreetBets invested heavily into stocks of fledgling companies including that of Gamestop (GME) causing what is now being called the...

Maintaining Mask Effectiveness

Maintaining Mask Effectiveness

Tips on how to ensure that your mask keeps you safe
Christopher Chen , Staff Writer February 24, 2021

Wearing a mask can be difficult and annoying. In light of many new variant COVID-19 strains, mask wearing is ever more essential and the following few tips might be helpful to consider in making the process...

Nichols shares, “A huge help for me was that Blake offered child care for our kids when the lower school was remote. That was just so awesome because I wasn’t trying to juggle taking care of my kids and teaching online. When that happened, that was awesome.”

Teachers Experience, Share Shifts in Mental Health Throughout Pandemic

More grace needed during these difficult times
Bernadette Whitely, Opinions Editor February 24, 2021

The transitions between RTLP to HTLP have been stressful for everyone, especially teachers. From constant schedule changes to managing work amidst a global pandemic, they have been feeling justifiably...

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