The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Synesthesia Shapes Perspectives

Synesthesia Shapes Perspectives

Kaining Khang, Staff Writer March 7, 2023

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon that blends one’s senses. Someone who experiences synesthesia is called a synesthete, and whatever “triggers” it is called a stimulus.  There are over...

See the Rocket League Bracket above. Blake was ranked 16th overall.

Esports Attendance Subsists

Allyson Jay, Editor Emerita March 7, 2023

Many clubs at the Upper School don’t always maintain their loyal members throughout the school year, but the Esports club is still going strong. Gunnar Johnson ‘23, a leader of the club, notes that...

Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles seem to be a major cause for the Twin Cities’ recent lingering poor air quality. The majority of vehicle exhaust emissions are composed of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor, and oxygen in unconsumed air.

Twin Cities’ Air Quality Depleted, Unsafe Due to Temperature Fluctuation

Amelia Bush, Managing Editor January 30, 2023

Air quality alert! These words have been popping up everywhere in my life for the past week, whether it's on my phone or on road signs when I’m driving. But what does it actually mean? And why does it...

Layla Chakhvashvili ‘26, Claire Cao ‘26, and Shruti Balachander ‘26 research political candidates together.

Political Roundtable Club Prepares for November 8 Election

Raiden Chen, Contributing Writer November 13, 2022

As we get further into October, the Political Roundtable Club will begin preparing for a mock midterm election.  In the election the students will, “Create one page on the views of the party and...

Sally Countryman ‘23 and Greta Wattson ‘23 head to the cafeteria to refuel thier herbal teas and waters during their five minute brain break in Molter’s AP Calculus AB Block 2.

Brain Breaks Benefit, Reengergize

Sam Tomczik, News Editor November 13, 2022

“School is a really busy and chaotic place,” explains Zoe Goodwin ‘24, which is why she, along with many other students, appreciate brain breaks. “They’re a really good time to just take a deep...

Maggie Molter teaches AP Calculus AB during block 2. For each assignment, students are assessed
through the object-based grading system with multiple retakes to earn a “proficient” status.

Objective-based grading incentivizes student achievement

Amelia Bush, Managing Editor September 29, 2022

Objective based grading is a system that is getting incorporated into more classes. It uses a 4 category scale to assess and track students’ progress and learning in the class. The lowest being “beginning”...

Sofia Perri ‘23 uses a stethoscope with a young boy from West Virginia. Perri reflects on her experience, “Not only did we learn so much about how to practice healthcare, but also about how to interact with patients and about the community we visited. We learned a lot from the people through talking with them about their life stories and their culture in Appalachia.”

Global Programs West Virginia Trip Explores Appalachian Healthcare

Sam Tomczik, Staff Writer June 1, 2022

As part of the global immersion program 14 students, from grades nine through eleven, traveled to Williamson, West Virginia chaperoned by Scott Hollander and Dion Crushshon ‘88.  As stated by Hollander,...

The lunchroom is so crowded, so Theo Fechtmeyer 23 sits on the windowsill.

Over-enrollment pains student body

Sam Tomczik, Staff Writer June 1, 2022

“Upper school enrollment over the past five years has certainly increased,” says director of admissions Joe Silvestri. Silvestri goes on to say that over enrollment is “not a term I would use”...

The library can serve as a cozy space for a much-needed slumber.

Popular Napping Areas Around School

Amelia Bush, Arts & Culture Editor March 13, 2022

Recently, winter has been long and school has been ramping up which means more work and stress for students and less sleep. This lack of sleep normally only means one thing, sleeping in school. There are...

The Test-Optional Problem

The Test-Optional Problem

Chad Woerner, Contributing Writer March 8, 2022

Though the pandemic has exacerbated the rate at which many colleges and universities are going test-optional for each successive application cycle, standardized tests are important and largely objective...

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