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D.I.Y. Applying Henna

Sonia Baig applies free-styled henna design.

Sonia Baig and Amelia Reyes

March 14, 2018

Whether you’ve seen artsy henna pictures on social media, or your family has been applying it for religious celebrations for as long as you can remember, it's common to know about henna from some place or another. While often called henna in America, it’s often called mehndi in other parts of t...

Trying crazy Pinterest recipes

The tested pancake pops!

Sonia Baig and Amelia Reyes

March 5, 2018

Pancakes on a Stick Instructions (from website) Make pancake batter. Once the batter has been mixed together, place sticks on the griddle (Make sure they have been soaked in water if they are wooden so they aren’t flammable) Spoon the batter into the shape of a circle over each stick. (Be sure not to make them too big so th...

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