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  • Blake hosts first cross country meet on Thursday, September 17. Go Bears! Fall Play will be announced on Friday at 4:00. What will the play be?

A Nation of Immigration

A Nation of Immigration

Everett Honour, Staff Writer

November 8, 2019

Recently, immigration has become a very hot topic in the United States; individuals, regardless of party affiliation, all have different perspectives on how our borders (specifically with Mexico) should be regulated and whether or not these ‘regulations’ should be reduced or bolstered. Republica...

Christianity Top of “Religious Food Chain”

Christianity Top of

Everett Honour, Contributing Writer

October 14, 2019

“Pluralism”: the acknowledgment and practice of several different beliefs, and, more specifically, several different religions in one space. Blake is a culmination of people, both students and faculty, from many different backgrounds and religions; in this sense, Blake is a pluralistic institution, b...

Ready to be Seniors: The Class of 2020

Seniors Will Svendall '20, Sam Hykes '20, Gavin Best '20, and Henry Ericson '20 enjoy the senior lounge, which they have been waiting to use since freshman year

Everett Honour, Contributing Writer

September 25, 2019

From a young age students picture themselves in their final year of school; throwing their grad-caps in the air, getting into their favorite college, not having a single worry in the world. These visionary tales are just that: visionary tales. If you were to ask the senior class of 2020 about their final...

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