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  • Blake hosts first cross country meet on Thursday, September 17. Go Bears! Fall Play will be announced on Friday at 4:00. What will the play be?

Protein Shakes Provide Quick Nutrition

Some of the most popular shaker brands include Blender Bottle, Contigo, and SmartShake. The top brands for powder include Optimum Nutrition, EAS, and Vega Sport

Lachen Reid, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

 Protein powder: a meathead staple, a useless scam, or a healthy and convenient option? The mention of protein powder evokes the image of a roided-up and overly muscular man aggressively shaking a blender bottle for his sixth meal of the day.  While some are turned away from the product due to that image,...

How activity level affects eating habits

Many students eat unhealthily because they get more food than they should eat.

Isaac Gittleman, Staff Writer

December 3, 2015

The saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” is often used when someone takes more food than they’re able to eat. In some cases, such as if someone is “carbo-loading” or naturally burning a lot of calories through various activities, it’s actually important for people to eat as muc...

Concussions impact athletes, schoolwork

Two Blake lacrosse helmets. A new Cascade R helmet on the left and an old Cascade CPX-R helmet on the right.

Ikbal Ahluwalia, Student Life Editor

March 19, 2015

Sarah Chute ’18 was elbowed by one of her opponents while she was in front of the net in the Girls’ State Hockey Championship and consequently sustained a concussion. She says, “I have gotten lots of headaches. Usually when I try to focus on things like doing homework, watching TV, looking at my ...

Wisdom Teeth Guide

Wisdom Teeth Guide

Janet Kang, Staff Writer

February 10, 2015

One day, many of us will have to go through the excruciating pain of getting our wisdom teeth removed. Not to worry! Here you’ll find exactly how to make getting your teeth pulled out a fun and happy memory. STEP ONE. Panic! We all know it’s scary getting your teeth pulled out at the dentist’s. STEP...

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