New Pfizer Vaccine Introduction Raises Questions

FDA approval excites large businesses, concerns others


Christopher Chen, Staff Writer

In light of Pfizer recently initiating the distribution of new Covid-19 vaccines, rumors of such possibilities are slowly becoming more concrete and real. 

Through months of extensive testing and research, Pfizer, a primary pharmaceutical corporation, has finally been cleared by the FDA for shipping vaccines throughout the United States. However, there is still current and heated debate regarding the reliability, testing of the vaccine, and how quick general reactions can result.

Although they have made tremendous progress, there are still many questions that remain to be answered. Will there be side effects? Is there enough and is equal distribution possible? Who should be prioritized to get the vaccine? And worst of all, will the vaccine backfire and actually cause a spike in our cases? 

With so many questions and so little time, immediate testing will commence after the first wave of patients have received the vaccine and are carefully scrutinized for any unusual effects. 

Additionally, the FDA has run many analysis tests and have taken large sets of data. They claim that as of 44,000 people tested, no safety concerns were found. Although the FDA has cleared many questions, many uncertainties still remain present.

It is predicted that by the end of the year, as stated by Secretary of Health Alex Azar, that there would be at least 20 million vaccines ready for usage and enough for everyone by late spring of 2021. 

As more companies receive the green light for distribution, more types of vaccines will be released for the rest of the public to be administered. Until then, our tasks as citizens still remain true! As always, wear a mask in public areas, wash hands frequently, maintain social distancing, and keep safe.