Wisdom Teeth Guide

Wisdom Teeth Guide

One day, many of us will have to go through the excruciating pain of getting our wisdom teeth removed. Not to worry! Here you’ll find exactly how to make getting your teeth pulled out a fun and happy memory.

STEP ONE. Panic! We all know it’s scary getting your teeth pulled out at the dentist’s.

STEP TWO. Stop panicking. Millions of people have had their wisdom teeth pulled out, and trust me, there have been close to zero casualties.

STEP THREE. Starting midnight the day before the surgery, you can’t eat anything, but that is probably for the best, since you might puke it out otherwise.

STEP FOUR. Before you go into surgery, be sure to tell your parent to whip out their phone to record your “very normal” behavior under the anesthesia. (Also, make sure your parent will be there after the surgery because you will be too drowsy to drive, so your parent must drive you home.)

STEP FIVE. Get your teeth pulled out. It won’t be all that bad because you will be knocked unconscious with anesthesia.

STEP SIX. Wake up from anesthesia. This step is extremely crucial! If you skip this step, your life will be over (and not in any figurative manner).

STEP SEVEN. Take some pain relievers. After waking up from surgery, you will most likely be in a lot of pain. Of course, be careful not to take too many! You should designate a trusted adult to give you your pills, for you don’t want to forget and take too many.

STEP EIGHT. Look and feel like a chipmunk. Your gums will be very numb and puffy, so you will resemble very closely to a chipmunk.

STEP NINE. Binge-watch TV or have a movie marathon. Since you’ll be looking like a chipmunk for a bit (and you will be very drowsy, drowsy + in public = NOT good), you’ll want to stay home and watch Netflix or something (maybe you’re more of the book-reading type).

STEP TEN. Eat bucket-loads of ice cream! You will have to go on a liquid diet for 24 hours after getting your wisdom teeth removed, meaning you have the best excuse for eating all the ice cream you want. When drinking a beverage, avoid straws! Straws can loosen blood clots and leave you bleeding for much longer than you should ever bleed.

STEP ELEVEN. Order people to carry things for you. For the whole week after surgery, you will not be allowed to do any heavy lifting. This is your chance to make your siblings carry everything around for you.

STEP TWELVE. Enjoy yourself! (As much as a person-getting-their-wisdom-teeth-pulled-out can) Like everything else you do in this world, make the most of it.

Happy wisdom teeth removal!

Please note: This guide is merely a summary of what you will need to do to get your wisdom teeth pulled out. Your dentist is sure to notify you of many more steps in the procedure.