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Quarantine Impacts Off Season Training

Lachen Reid '20 works out in his home gym.

Ben Aronow, Contributing Writer

April 24, 2020

Quarantine has added a lot of complication to staying in shape. With routines disrupted and the option of working out in a gym or with other people off the table, the Coronavirus crisis has thrown a wrench into many aspects of people’s training regimen. Being sequestered at home with a limited amo...

Home Gyms Become Essential For Athletes

Home Gyms Become Essential For Athletes

Gabe Ganz, Sports Editor

April 2, 2020

In a time of closure for all public gyms and workout areas, athletes of all levels find themselves struggling to find methods of staying in shape. However, for the athletes lucky enough to have workout equipment in their homes, this is not an issue. Home gyms offer a unique workout experience personalized...

Wethington Continues USA Legacy

Anderson Blum, Editor Emeritus

February 7, 2020

Currently with a record of 16-5-1 and having recently won two big games against Forest Lake and Maple Grove, there is a lot of excitement surrounding Blake Girls' Hockey as the team approaches the postseason. Regarding the team's progress over the past few months, Addie Burton '20 says, "We had a few...


Courtesy of

Hazel DeHarpporte, Staff Writer

March 18, 2016

Sometimes JV can be the perfect fit.

Concussions impact athletes, schoolwork

Two Blake lacrosse helmets. A new Cascade R helmet on the left and an old Cascade CPX-R helmet on the right.

Ikbal Ahluwalia, Student Life Editor

March 19, 2015

Sarah Chute ’18 was elbowed by one of her opponents while she was in front of the net in the Girls’ State Hockey Championship and consequently sustained a concussion. She says, “I have gotten lots of headaches. Usually when I try to focus on things like doing homework, watching TV, looking at my ...

Seniors report on boys hockey game through podcast “The Bear Minimum”

Jonah Sandy, Editor-In-Chief

January 24, 2013

Through their new internet radio program The Bear Minimum, George Vojta '13 and Hubbard Velie '13 broadcasted up-to-the-minute commentary on tonight's Blake-Breck boys hockey game, which ended several minutes ago with Breck winning 10-0. Through the internet application Spreaker, Vojta and Velie...

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