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Students Don’t Universally Celebrate Halloween Traditions

Students Don't Universally Celebrate Halloween Traditions

Catherine Barry, Sports Editor

October 14, 2019

Many students believe Halloween to be a holiday that you celebrate when you are younger by going out with your friends, getting dressed up in a costume, and going trick or treating.  Yet as people get older, these notions change. Nate Heithoff ‘22 believes high schoolers going trick or treating wi...

Diverse Student Body Juxtaposes Religious Calendar

Will Rosenblum, News Editor

October 14, 2019

The Academic School year consists of two large breaks, typically with minimal homework, that occur directly after first semester during Christmas, and after the third quarter during Easter, religious holidays of the Christian religion. While this system does accommodate for a lot of the student b...

Kaja’s Top 5: December 2018

Kaja's Top 5: December 2018

Kaja Bingham, Columnist

December 21, 2018

Need ideas for holiday gifts this year? This list is sure to give you plenty of ideas! For Mom I'm sure you love the planet, and if your mom is a fantastic cook and loves the grocery store as much as mine does, do her a favor and get her chic and reusable produce and grocery bags. Baggu has qu...

Classic Holiday Cookie Recipe

Classic Holiday Cookie Recipe

Maia Schifman and Maggie Seidel

December 18, 2018

Cookies have always been an iconic part of the holidays. Food is a timeless way to bring family and friends together during the snowy season, but embracing the holiday merriment while bombarded by the flurry of homework, finals, and holiday events can be difficult. These fun and festive cookies on your...

Students’ failed fantasies

Students' failed fantasies

Julia Shepard, Online Editor

March 5, 2015

In the first High School Musical movie, Gabriella and Troy meet at a party in a ski lodge on New Years Eve.  Gabriella and Troy, both high school Juniors, are randomly selected to sing a karaoke song, “Start of Something New”, together.  They exchange flirty glances throughout the song and trad...

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