Not Your Typical Cake: Milk Bar’s Nationwide Delivery Delights Birthday Celebrants

Decadent dessert option for your upcoming celebrations

Amelia Bush, Staff Writer

The New York bakery Milk Bar has taken social media by storm with its trendy, unique and aesthetic cakes that provide an interesting twist on the classic birthday cake and other confections. I purchased this cake as a surprise for a family member’s birthday, and it did not disappoint. Although Milk Bar does not have a Minnesota location, the cakes can be ordered online, and there is a choice of two sizes: a 6 inch or a 10 inch cake.

The cake I tried was the Birthday Cake. It has 3 layers with frosting between and no frosting on the outside. There are sprinkles on top of the cake and in the cake batter. There is also cookie dough in the core of the cake, along with small cookie dough balls on the top. 

Amelia Bush

The whipped buttercream frosting created an interesting texture and a light fluffy aspect to the cake. The sprinkles baked in and the cookie dough core also created an amazing texture and taste. The birthday cake flavor was not dry at all. 

I found the cake to be absolutely delicious. It had the perfect amount of sweetness to it, and the cake itself was baked incredibly well, which was surprising considering the cake traveled all the way from the New York bakery. Although it is rather expensive, if you have a special celebration coming up, I think the cake is definitely worth purchasing.