The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum


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Rotenberg Reviews

Top five foods of all-time
Ethan Klaiman
Located by the middle school, this Chick-Fil-A is an easy after sports practice stop.

What would you do without food? That’s a great question. Food is an essential part of life, and without it you would die. There are so many foods, however, that it may be hard to pick one. Well, you’re in luck because here are my top five foods of all time.

First let’s start with some honorable mentions. Coming in as my first honorable mention, I have pancakes. Pancakes may come as a surprise but they are a classic breakfast food that goes with every other breakfast food. You can also decorate pancakes with many toppings such as syrup, chocolate, berries, whipped cream. Basically whatever your heart desires, making it a dynamic breakfast option, but the only thing holding it back is the lack of protein.

My second honorable mention is french fries. This phenomenal side can go with every meal. They are also perfect to munch on whenever you are hungry, serving as a perfect filling snack. You can also top fries with mouth watering toppings like cheese, but not ketchup. I have never met a person who puts ketchup on their fries, as they are only meant to be dipped in ketchup, but that is a debate for another day. The only thing holding fries back is they are a side dish. They will never serve as the main meal despite being delicious. One of my favorite places, to get fries is Chick-Fil-A., but many restaurants serve delicious fries.

Alright n Now to the main list. Coming in   Aat number five, I have the underrated dish of chicken and waffles. Chicken and waffles is just how it is, a chicken finger sandwiched by waffles. Chicken and waffles is good at almost every restaurant, there isn’t one in specific that does it best. This unlikely delicious duo is perfect for almost every meal of the day. The sweet and salty brings the dish together while also giving you protein and carbohydrates. If you have never had chicken and waffles, I highly encourage you to try it, as you will fall in love.

Coming in at number four, I’ve got steak. A wonderful dish that will surely keep you full and give you protein for a while. Steak is only good, however, when seasoned well, and the lack of customization hinders it from being higher on the list. Many restaurants have great steak, so you can never go wrong with it.

Coming in  A Aa At number three, I’ve got chicken nuggets. Everyone’s day one food that has stuck with them throughout their whole life obviously had to make this list. The crispy coating to delicious chicken makes the perfect meal. Chicken nuggets are even better with sauces, like buffalo sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, etc. Some of my favorite nuggets come from Chick-Fil-A and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Coming in at number four I’ve got pizza. Pizza is great from almost anywhere, meaning you can’t go wrong with this delicious pie. This one doesn’t need much explaining. Whoever invented this masterpiece deserves to go into the food hall of fame. Something about cheese bread and red sauce is just perfect, and the customization of pizza makes this one of the most versatile foods out there.

And finally, the best food in the world in my opinion are hamburgers. This food not only delivers on protein and keeps you full, but there are endless options of customizability that you can cater your burger exactly to your liking. Then, if cooked properly, the juicy patty blends so well with all the toppings making for the perfect food. My favorite hamburger place is In-N-Out as all the ingredients in the burgers there work together in harmony, but you can never go wrong with a burger from anywhere.

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Jason Rotenberg
Jason Rotenberg, Editor Emeritus
Hi, my name is Jason and I am a senior. I have been writing for Spectrum since I was a sophomore. I am currently an Editor Emeritus, but when I was editor last semester, I edited the Reviews and Recommendations page. My favorite part about Spectrum is covering the heavily talked about topics around the Blake Community. Outside of Spectrum, I love watching sports, playing sports, and eating hamburgers.
Ethan Klaiman
Ethan Klaiman, Photo Editor
Hi, my name is Ethan Klaiman, and I am a Junior. I am the Photo and Social Media Editor. I am also the editor of the news and perspectives pages, and have been a part of the Spectrum team since early in my sophomore year. Outside of Spectrum, I enjoy playing/watching sports, spending time with my friends, and catching up on sleep.

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