Starbucks Holiday Drink Review

Starbucks’ holiday drinks put to test


The iced caramel brûlée latte topped with whipped cream in its cup

Catherine Barry, Sci-Tech Editor

Every winter Starbucks comes out with their seasonal winter drinks. I tried two of their many holiday themed drinks: the peppermint mocha and the caramel brulée latte. 

I am not a huge fan of sugary coffee drinks in general, but I wanted to try these drinks to see how sugary they would be. 

The peppermint mocha was very underwhelming. The peppermint flavor tasted very chemically and overpowered the entire drink. There were some hints of chocolate, but I could barely even taste the coffee, which is my favorite part. 

Additionally, the drink did not come as advertised; it came with whipped cream on top, but when I opened the lid, there was no whipped cream to be found. I did ask for the drink to be non-fat, so maybe they don’t include whipped cream when people ask for that, but otherwise it failed to come with the one ingredient that makes the drink look the most festive, so I was thoroughly disappointed.

The iced caramel brûlée latte was also a bit too sweet for me as well. It basically tasted like just caramel with little hints of coffee. 

The only good thing about this drink was that the whipped cream with the creme brulée crumbles that came on the top, which added a little extra flavor that consisted of a good ratio of sweetness. This drink did come as advertised so I was happy that it came with everything I expected. 

Overall, I would not get either of these drinks again.