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Ad Astra Defies its Genre

Ad Astra Defies its Genre

Science fiction movie contains little science
Amaka Nwokocha, Staff Writer October 15, 2019

Ad Astra, directed by James Gray and starring Brad Pitt, is a science fiction film that lacks science. It flies all the way to Neptune and back, but it seemed to me that Outer Space was only a tiny piece...

Drone Cons Outweighs Pros

Drone Cons Outweighs Pros

Government drone usage leads to unethical effects
Jack Prince, Opinions Editor October 11, 2019

World War One produced technology that has increased international tensions over 100 years later. In WWI, the United States began developing technology that allowed them to operate crewless aerial vehicles....

Shift Towards Privacy in Social Media Ensures Healthy Future

Shift Towards Privacy in Social Media Ensures Healthy Future

Social media not harmful just because new
Anderson Blum, Science, Technology & Health Editor March 14, 2019

In little over a decade, social media has gone from a group of various technological experiments to domination of the United States and many other countries. Modern children live in a completely different...

Social Media Alienates, Harms Mental Health

Social Media Alienates, Harms Mental Health

As the most vulnerable, teens need to make more purposeful consumption decisions
Yeukai Zimbwa, Contributing Writer March 14, 2019

Hello! Good Morning! How are you? I’m fine. For human beings, performing is a part of life: automated responses, scripted small-talk, pseudo-conversations about the weather while passing in the hallways....



Increase in screen time, social media use fuels debate over healthy balance
Nadia Lee, News Editor March 14, 2019

The ubiquity of personal smartphones raises growing concerns, specifically amongst young people. According to a Common Sense Media (CSM) study, since 2011, the amount of time spent on cell phones has increased...

Some of the most popular shaker brands include Blender Bottle, Contigo, and SmartShake. The top brands for powder include Optimum Nutrition, EAS, and Vega Sport

Protein Shakes Provide Quick Nutrition

While stigmatized as hardcore athletes' drinks, protein shakes can be for everyone
Lachen Reid, Staff Writer February 1, 2019

 Protein powder: a meathead staple, a useless scam, or a healthy and convenient option? The mention of protein powder evokes the image of a roided-up and overly muscular man aggressively shaking a blender...

Eurocentrism in mapping

Alyssa Story, Opinions Editor April 28, 2017

It’s no secret that Social Studies in America is biased and Eurocentric. However, some schools have worked to combat this issue.      Recently, The Boston school system has commited to remove the...

Science Spotlight: Science of Food

Sophie Skallerud, Staff Writer March 13, 2017

From an outside perspective, the new Science of Food course seems like a breeze, consumed with baking and eating.      Paige Robichaud ‘17 and Sarah Juang ‘17 agree that, “it doesn’t seem...

Science Spotlight: Tech Requirement

Minjae Lee, Editor Emeritus February 9, 2017

Despite living in a digital age, the core curriculum of private liberal arts institutions often lacks a distinctive technology requirement.                However, in recent years, higher education...

Hydrate or die-drate

Hydrate or die-drate

On the importance of H2O
Elizabeth Opp, Opinions Editor February 9, 2017

The warnings are endless: your grades will go down if you stop drinking water, dehydration putting your vigilance and motor skills at odds. Regardless, Blake students largely disregard drinking throughout...

Jon Dicus holds Canvas, a panda bear used in class to show students how friendly the program can be.

Teachers embrace Canvas

Transition from Moodle to Canvas affects the community school-wide
Allison Ahern, News Editor September 28, 2016

This year, as students are getting acclimated to the new format of Canvas, most teachers are adjusting alongside students. “I hated Moodle,” Margi Youmans exclaimed noting that “Canvas is less clunky...

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