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Busy Work Consumes Time, Creates Stress

Busy Work Consumes Time, Creates Stress

Busy work keeps students preoccupied, contains little value
Mallika Malaviya, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

When teachers assign busy work, it often creates a lot of added stress for students, and many wonder why they have to do work that doesn’t necessarily add to the curriculum. However, busy work also comes...

Students Should Take Electives More Seriously

Students Should Take Electives More Seriously

Electives can help introduce new passions
Catherine Barry, Food Features Editor March 9, 2020

 Too often, when students talk about classes, they discuss what the 'easiest' course is. Students often try to pick their classes based on the difficulty of other students' opinions. However, electives...

Grace Griffin ‘21 participates in a Hunter/Jumper Horse Show in Parker, Colorado.

Pets Decrease Stress Despite Added Responsibility

Owner, pet relationship breeds serenity
Anna Johns, Staff Writer December 9, 2019

Pets have a very large presence in students’ lives, occupying their free time and increasing their responsibility. Not only that, but many students agree that their pets have become valued members...

Frustration on Registration

Frustration on Registration

The difficulty of balancing interests and the pressures of taking hard classes
Catherine Barry, Staff Writer March 15, 2019

Concerned students’ faces rush around to find their deans during the time frame of the few weeks when course registration is open. They desperately attempt to select classes while taking into account...

Ninth graders recognize premature college anxiety

Prioritizing personal interests
Maia Schifman and Maggie Seidel, Staff Writers November 28, 2018

The common desire of many Blake students to receive admission to a top-tier college creates stress that begins much earlier than the college application process. Underclassmen are already focused on the...

Catch up on some sun and treat yo' self instead of focusing on to-do lists and skills quiz retakes.

Leave the stress at home

Escape the school shadow that follows you outside of the classroom
Penelope Winton, Opinions Editor March 20, 2016

Spring break is meant to be a time of relaxation: a time to set back the clocks in your brain before fourth quarter puts them into double time. So why is it that every time I lounge on the couch watching...

Escapism: Our unwitting superpower

Escapism: Our unwitting superpower

Sometimes you don't even need to get out of your seat to escape school.
Eva Berezovsky, Staff Writer March 19, 2016
Sometimes you don't even need to get out of your seat to escape school.
The screen that greets applicants on the Common Application website.

Embellishing on College Applications

As seniors apply to college, some tend to exaggerate credentials
Katya Tobak, Copy Editor November 20, 2015

“Reporting activities can help a college better understand your life outside of the classroom. Your activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits....

First quarter qualities

How the start of the year feels to each grade
Martha Lucas and Kaja Bingam , Contributing Writers November 2, 2015

Amid a bluster of sports events, dropping temperatures, and falling leaves, students are settling into the new school year.  Every student has a different mentality going into the first quarter, and the...

A collection of stress-provoking literature.

Staff Editorial: Overworked and stressed

Thoughts on mindsets and attitudes
Sam Gittleman, Opinions Editor October 30, 2015

Posted up in the new English wing lounge, a group of ninth graders, merely ankle-deep in the maelstrom of high school, illustrates the heaviness of a Blake student’s course load; there is evidence of...

In order to get into competitive colleges, some students feel that they must abuse the free time granted to them in order to score higher on tests like the ACT and SAT.

Pressure forces students to crave extra time

Looking at the effects of standardized tests
Anneliese Moore, Managing Editor March 19, 2015

For students who view college as a crucial step towards a successful career, choosing the right college creates an inordinate amount of pressure. As a result, an industry has been created: standardized...

A dog and an AP Chemistry textbook - the yin and yang of stress (relief).

Dogs relieve stress

Students reflect on their four-legged friends and scientists offer knowledge
Lucy Nelson, Arts and Culture Editor March 19, 2015

“I think we have a serious problem lurking here at Blake- That’s right, our student body has no dogs.” Christopher Chute ‘13 stated in his senior speech. Although he presented his speech in a humorous...

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