Students Should Take Electives More Seriously

Electives can help introduce new passions

Catherine Barry, Food Features Editor

 Too often, when students talk about classes, they discuss what the ‘easiest’ course is. Students often try to pick their classes based on the difficulty of other students’ opinions.

However, electives are just as crucial as A.P and honors classes and should be taken with the same seriousness. Usually, electives are more focused on one topic that isn’t necessarily the mainstream courses of physics or A.P U.S. history. 

 But, many times, students take electives as a fun class or a break from their more rigorous courses. When students do not take the class seriously, they hinder the class experience for the other students. No matter the course, whether it is calculus or ceramics, it requires focus.

Electives can expand your horizons and passions. You may become more informed of careers that you can have in the future. And high school is a perfect time to explore your interests and strengths, and taking electives is a great way to do this. Alice Jin ’20 states, “I have taken multiple electives and GOA courses. Some of these courses have helped me find my passion for economics and computer science.”

The variety of electives can offer a new passion that a student would not have thought about before. Electives teach as many life skills as any other class. These classes can expose a particular student’s skill set that might not be evident in your traditional math or history class. While you might not be getting the extra A.P, the knowledge about your interests and the world is far more beneficial. 

 Students should stop solely discussing classes based on difficulty and title. Instead, try a course based on your interest in the description or the desire to try something new. Take that ceramics or computer-programming source, and you might find your future career.