Pets Decrease Stress Despite Added Responsibility

Owner, pet relationship breeds serenity


Submitted by: Grace Griffin

Grace Griffin ‘21 participates in a Hunter/Jumper Horse Show in Parker, Colorado.

Anna Johns, Staff Writer

Pets have a very large presence in students’ lives, occupying their free time and increasing their responsibility. Not only that, but many students agree that their pets have become valued members of their family.

Solveig Bingham ‘21 has had various pets from a young age, including a dog, hamster, and fish, and describes owning pets as an immense responsibility. Whether it’s cleaning the fish tank or walking the dog in the grueling sub- zero temperatures of Minnesota, owning a pet isn’t a breeze. She states, “Who- ever has to take the dog for a walk, it’s not really an option of like ‘I don’t want to do it.’ Well, we bought the dog so we have to take care of it. It’s our responsibility now.”

Grace Griffin ‘21, also a junior with pets ranging from horses and dogs to fish, similarly stated that puppies, in particular, can be “pretty stressful” at first.

But while that responsibility and the stress generated from it might seem not to be worth the while from a non-pet owning perspective, Griffin also points out, “owning whatever type of pet—dog, cat, horse, whatever—makes you ten times more responsible be- cause you’re not only keep- ing track of yourself but other animals—other living beings—that need to be fed and let out and all of these different things. So it’s—I think—helped with my time management and making sure I know where my priorities are at.”

Brooke Lee ‘21 also added about her pet-owning experience, “I think that [responsibility] just added a level of urgency and aware- ness outside of myself.”

Not only that, but many Blake pet owners also claim that pets more often reduce stress, rather than increase it. Griffin, a dedicated horseback rider, also stated, “With all of my horses, I guess, when I would go have lessons after school it’s kind of a way to decompress and just forget about school work for once and enjoy myself I guess.”

Pet owners communicate a clear message; owning any type of pet is a large investment and responsibility, but if you’re up for the task, it’s a life-changing opportunity.

As Bingham states, “Having pets has been the most incredible experience of my life and I recommend that everybody gets some type of pet whether its a bird, a hamster, a snake, a dog or a cat. Animals bring so much love into your life and you really don’t know how much you need them until you have one.”