Bea’s Beloved Books: December Addition

Beatrice Lim, Staff Writer

Warm Bodies

By  Isaac Marion

Who knew that zombies could be so deep? Then again, what else are they supposed to do but think as they make their way towards their next victim?

Enter R—a zombie with existential questions such as, how did we come to be? What’s my full name? Why must we eat humans? But his thoughts and questions remain trapped within his decaying brain, his mouth unable to voice these complex musings as he walks with the dead. The day R chooses to save a victim, he inadvertently sets off a chain of events that will change his “life”, and possibly the world.

Underneath the zombie-infested, apocalyptic world, Warm Bodies is about life, love, and the point where we all have to choose between living and continuing. Warm Bodies does an excellent job of highlighting the differences between the two. If this hasn’t convinced you, watch the movie trailer to get a visual of the plot and pull at your heartstrings.

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