Evolution of Art Show in Martha Bennett Gallery

Adelaide Winton, News Editor

Have you ever wondered how your art has evolved though your Blake career? Ever wondered how you went from the prized macaroni art that your mom put on the fridge to the star of your advanced painting class? The new show in the Martha Bennett Gallery is designed to tackle all of these concepts in its new show opening soon. The artwork that will be displayed ranges from Kindergarten to 12th grade, creating a huge range of artists. According to Mr. Spector, the gallery will display “the evolution of students and their ideas.” When I spoke with Mrs. Quinn, a lower school art teacher, in her words she described the art to be “a variety of 2D and 3D art from grades K-5.  Some items on display include a miniature army of warriors and horses created by the 4th grade students after they were inspired by a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to see Emperor Qin’s terra cotta warriors.” She also added, “the show is about showcasing how important the visual arts is to the lives of our students at Blake.  We want the community to see the journey we take in art from LS to US.” Art is undoubtedly a very important part of the lives of students at Blake, and not only here at the High School but also in the middle and lower campuses as well. When this display enters the gallery be sure to take some time out of your hectic day to check it out. You will surely be pleasantly surprised at what you see.