Seniors report on boys hockey game through podcast “The Bear Minimum”

Jonah Sandy, Editor-In-Chief

Through their new internet radio program The Bear Minimum, George Vojta ’13 and Hubbard Velie ’13 broadcasted up-to-the-minute commentary on tonight’s Blake-Breck boys hockey game, which ended several minutes ago with Breck winning 10-0.

Through the internet application Spreaker, Vojta and Velie provide up-to-the-minute updates on sporting events while they take place. Through The Bear Minimum, students are able to participate in Blake sporting events from home. Listeners can leave comments as the broadcasts take place and share broadcasts via social media.

Tonight’s broadcast was The Bear Minimum’s first ever. Velie broadcasted from the game at Breck while Vojta contributed through Skype at home, as they had to broadcast separately due to technical difficulties.

Velie and Vojta approximated that there were 127 supporters of the team online and at the game. The channel has already accumulated 30 followers.

Students can listen to the three-part broadcast of tonight’s game at