Blake students’ necessities for spring break


Adelaide Winton, News editor

With spring break coming up, it’s crucial to have the right supplies for a fun time. Here are Blake’s top 10 spring break essentials for those traveling out of town and for those who are staying at home.


  1. Passport
  2. Dive Camera
  3. Banana Boat Tanning Oil
  4. Neutrogena Sunscreen (and Aloe…)
  5. Snowboard and polarized goggles
  6. Chapstick
  7. Cute Bathing Suit with electric colors
  8. RayBan Sunglasses
  9. “Spring break is all about the hair. It’s all about the opportunity to try new hairstyles. Bring some gel and get creative.” – Karl Lovaas ‘14
  10. 10.  A good beach read (The Stranger by Albert India, recommended by Sullivan Whitely ’14) and some trashy magazines for entertainment.


  1. All seasons of The OC and Gossip Girl
  2. Blow up kitty pool
  3. Virtual beach and pictures from friends
  4. Instant Netflix
  5. Access to junk food
  6. Sun lamp
  7. Thrift shopping
  8. Rain boots
  9. My cat
  10.  Access to online shopping