Fashion Trends and Behaviors


We all know that the Blake school has class. Multiple pairs of Jordans can be spotted in the halls and selfies are taken at every time of the day. Where do these trends sprout from? Tyler Jackson ‘16 has an answer to that question: “If Lebron wears a pair of shoes, guys are gonna be like, ‘I’m going to buy those shoes.’” We often copy trends started by our celebrity idols, whether we realize it or not. Ben Storch ‘14 brags that he has the same hat as country singer Eric Church. A confident Jackson Norris ’15 claims he completely ignores magazines and other forms of publicity, “I follow myself. I’m more of a trend setter than a trend follower.”

        Although some students deny that celebrities have any influence on them at all, many are surprisingly open to admit that they following their celebrity idol’s trends. For example, Johnny Ferguson ‘16 explains that his dapper “sty” is heavily inspired by hockey prodigy, Patrick Kane, along with other NHL men. “ I watch 24/7 and those guys walk to the rink looking very sharp everyday.” It’s not just fashion trends that influence us from day to day, it’s also actions. Liza Smirnitsky ’16 agrees that celebrities play a role in her life, as she states, “Kim Kardashian’s butt selfies influence me, along with MiScreen shot 2014-02-03 at 12.15.36 PMley Cyrus’s twerking.” For some it depends whether the celebrity’s influence on society is good or bad and simply on who they define as a celebrity. Armaan Gori ‘16 apparently considers Norris to be famous: “I mean, I’m thinking of dying my hair red just because of Jackson Norris.”

No matter who we choose as our celebrity idol, as a Blake community we tend to imitate their clothing choices or other trends. Whether they are maxi skirts, ombre hair dye, or Justin Bieber’s flat brimmed hats and saggy pants, Blake students try to pull it off. Perhaps herd mentality is the reasoning behind our conformity, or rather it’s the fact that we dream of being similar to our favorite superstars, resulting in alterations to be more like them. If you can pull it off as well as Miley Cyrus or Lebron James then go right ahead, but also remember to create your own trends every once in awhile.