Isabel’s Tips for Summer 2014

As high school students, keeping an organized schedule is essential to accomplish our goals. We have a set out routine for each day, and most of the time it doesn’t allow for time to just simply relax. We’ve heard tons of assembly speeches about how our lives are too busy. The truth is, however, that sometimes, free time and relaxation do not fit into our school week schedule. I’m sure a lot of students have plans for summer already— whether it’s a vacation, daily sports practices, sports tournaments, a summer camp or something else. While all of these have the potential to be very beneficial for us, it is vital to make sure that we are not giving our summer the same mapped-out routine that we do the school year. Summer is intended to be a break from the stress and obligations that come along with the rest of the year—and you don’t want to come back to school feeling as if you never had a break. Often times, the best memories come when plans are made spontaneously. Meeting up with your friends without a pre-determined location or plan can seem a bit risky, but making impulsive or adventurous (as long as they’re safe!) decisions every once in a while is a great change from the way we spend most of our time. So remember, when you’re finally set free on June 5th, it’s okay not to know what you’re doing at any given time. Leaving room for spontaneity will make this summer your best yet. Have a fun and relaxing break everyone!