Above and Beyond Blake

Pierson Smela elaborates on his unique academic persuit

Pierson Smela poses for a quick picture.

Blake is widely considered one of the best schools in the state; however, to some students, the academics offered at Blake simply aren’t enough. While the majority of students are able to find challenge in all their courses at Blake, this isn’t the case with all. One of these exceptional students is Merrick Pierson Smela ‘15. Merrick has been taking classes at the University of Minnesota because he has already completed many of the higher level classes offered at Blake. During his junior year, Merrick took Organic Chemistry after school at the University of Minnesota; this year he is taking Vector Calculus and Stats for Science Research. His classes meet two times a week at night, lasting as long as three hours.

While many students are enjoying their athletics after school, Pierson continues to expand his knowledge through complex and challenging math and science courses. Beyond the challenging topics, many would consider the commute the most difficult part of these classes. However, Pierson states that the most difficult and strenous part of the process is all the paperwork he as to fill out in order to get his credits to transfer over to Blake. So, if you ever need help navigating the commute or the extra paperwork, you know who to ask.