Blake hipsterdom? Shift in student fashion trends

Blake students have forever endured the many labels that have been so joyfully assigned to us by our loyal rival schools such as The Blake School of Excellence.

     For quite some time, many people have deemed Blake students to be a cult of Sperry-wearing, Lily Pulitzer devotees whose closets consist of exclusively Vineyard Vines polo shirts.

However, this year in particular, there has been a quick and intense shift. Blake is slowly but surely turning into Hipster Central, and frankly, I love every bit of it.

     Now don’t get me wrong; for those of you who are still Lily Pulitzer wearers, you keep doing you. I’m pleased to see the incorporations of other styles creeping into our eclectic school body.

     Why does it matter? Innovation through fashion is an aspect of diversity that will in fact lead Blake to become a safer space for all.

     2014 has been graced with a wide-range of looks. From grunge-y chic to the return of the 90s, Blake is evolving into a cosmos for exciting and original self-expression through fashion.

     A student from Minnehaha, Gracia Gilreath, said she took part in the Blake name-calling, but now she has to come up with something more applicable; “It’s true I honestly would always say ‘yea Blake is really preppy and that’s all they’re good for,’ but now I definitely see a change.”

     The excitement of Blake’s positive evolution inspires Joe Owens ’15 as well; “Everyone’s dipping into every type of style out there and I’m super excited [to see] how it keeps going and how Blake ends up on the private school spectrum.”