Photojournalism essay: Animal abuse and animal rescue


Lucy Graham, Contributing Writer

Each year nearly 1 million animals are killed from being severely abused. My dog Clooney (as seen in these photos) was severely abused and malnourished when we adopted him. He started out as a foster from an organization called Minnesota Boxer Rescue which saves boxer dogs from abuse, harsh living conditions, puppy mills, and abandonment. My dog Clooney was found roaming the streets of Chicago as a 7 month old puppy. He was so skinny he was nicknamed T-Rex. Clooney also wasn’t expected to make it overnight from the day they found him to the following day due to him being so malnourished. The Rescue is not sure where he was before they found him, but he did also show signs of abuse (bruises, scratches, cuts on his stomach.)

Animals all over every day are being put through severe abuse. Some owners who own puppy mills force their female dogs to have litters and litters of puppies straining the mom’s health. Dogs, pigs, and other animals are put into dog fights where many of the participants become extremely injured or even die during the fights. People pay money to go watch these fights because they call them “entertaining”, and “a great family activity” according to The Humane Society. That is completely messed up because innocent animals are being put in situations that hurt them emotionally, and physically.

Animal abuse affects the animal for their entire life from then on since the abuse started. My dog still to this day freaks out hearing the name “T-Rex”, seeing people in hoods, and if holding an object like a baseball bat or a lacrosse stick. The effects animal abuse had on my dog is so upsetting for me and my family because it is upsetting that people have the heart to do that to a poor innocent animal. I am happy my family and I can could save and help my dog out because now he is so happy and he isn’t living in fear [sic].

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