Photojournalism essay: The underrated nature of the chocolate chip cookie

Photojournalism essay: The underrated nature of the chocolate chip cookie

Jacob Kranendonk , Contributing Writer

cookies finalThe chocolate chip cookie is the widely loved by most. However, it isn’t appreciated fully for the services it provides the people who enjoy them. Most people just eat the cookie, enjoy it on a shallow level, and move on with their day not thinking about the sacrifice that the cookie has just made to boost your happiness. To be a cookie is to be created, then sacrificed for your sole purpose, to be consumed. People need to take more time to appreciate the beauty and the sacrifices that cookies make for us daily.

According to Woman’s Day, eating chocolate helps when you’re feeling stressed out or experiencing other negative moods. And a primary ingredient in a chocolate chip cookie is chocolate. They chemically make you feel happier when you eat them, and not many people appreciate that fact.

So you might be wondering, if the chocolate is the part that makes you happy, why not just skip the cookie and eat the chocolate? And my answer to you is that chocolate melts! The cookie can hold the heat, and the melted chocolate and deliver it into your mouth cleanly, in one warm gooey bite of goodness.

Also when you bake chocolate chip cookies, it can be very relaxing or a good way to spend time with someone. Baking chocolate chip cookies can even be therapeutic, as it doesn’t allow you to focus on anything else, only sugar and chocolate.

People enjoy chocolate chip cookies, but not for all the reasons that they should be appreciated for. The true nature of the chocolate chip cookie is still very under rated and I hope I have shed some light on how important they actually are and how much they can really help you when you’re feeling down. So next time you eat a chocolate chip cookie, think about all the different parts of it that make it the best kind of cookie in the world.