Students call for environmental awareness


photo by Fiona Duffy

Brendan Barrow, devoted treehugger, on the school’s front lawn

Fatiya Kedir, Opinions Editor

Brendan Barrow ‘17: Green Team has started campaigning for a program called minimum lights day. We [on Green Team] put up posters, managed the carpool spaces, and created the Earth Day initiative. Next year, one of our main goals will be to get students more involved. We’d love to see the addition of bike to school days, community wide tree-planting, or even group visits to Loring Park  to spend more time in nature.

Andrew Larson ‘15:  The biggest thing that anyone can do is to THINK about their resource use. What you eat, what you buy, where you go and how you get there all affect your carbon footprint, a

Brendan Barrow, devoted treehugger
Fiona Duffy
Brendan Barrow, devoted treehugger

nd the mining or harvesting that had to be done to get you all of that stuff.