The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum


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Review: Culinary Tour of State Fair

Eva Berezovsky rates fried fair food
Steven Nye
Tom Thumb Donuts, a state fair classic.

The State Fair may be the only week where Minnesotans gather in one setting, sharing warm smiles and even warmer cheese curds. Absolutely nothing compares to flavors at the Fair. It’s as if every past opinion regarding calories and dieting vanishes for these seven days – we can’t help to think the greasier, the better. As a longtime Minnesotan, I couldn’t miss out on the fried goodness that I knew was only a bus ride away.

My journey began at the Pizza-On-A-Stick booth. I’m a dedicated pizza enthusiast, so this was, without a doubt, a great decision. When handed a suspicious-looking, imitation of a baked potato dipped in ketchup, I tried to stay optimistic for its taste if not for its appearance. The dough was bland and the cheese was a bit too American. Allie Miller ‘19 shares, “It wasn’t the best way to start off our feast.” It was a pretty disappointing experience since my expectations were sky high. I’d give one star for the appearance and two for the flavors.

A little gross pizza couldn’t bring me down as I made my way to Tiny Tim Donuts. I’m almost positive that it’s impossible to produce bad mini donuts, and my prediction remains valid after this experience. These were truly delicious. No amount of heat outside would ruin the indescribable warmth inside of these sugary treasures. They were hot to the touch, but I couldn’t wait to eat them. I regretted each bite as it burned my tongue a little more each time, but not enough to stop eating them. I’d give three stars for appearance and four for taste.

My tongue recovered as I came across Pronto-Pups – literally the best corndogs. Ever. I couldn’t wait to experience the fluffy corn layer followed by the juicy meat inside. These were also extremely hot, but that didn’t stop me. I’d give two stars for appearance and four for taste.

Oreos are great, but deep fried oreos are better. One bite into these warm pods of heaven and I was one happy girl. However, their looks were nothing compared to their taste. I’d give one star for appearance and four for taste.

I got a little too excited as I paid for my corn. Nothing in the world compares to this corn. Even watching the cob be dipped in a pool of melted butter didn’t ruin it one bit. Following the pattern of hot food on a hot day, this was toasty. Joely Gendler ‘19 claims, “This heat will never stop me from taking another bite.” It did not fail to impress me: each bite was more and more delicious. And the uncut leaves give that authentic touch: I’d have to give a three for appearance and a four and a half for taste.

What’s a trip to the fair without buying some overly priced cheese curds? Sofie Richardson ‘19 reveals, “I would buy these if they were five dollars or five hundred dollars.” I snacked on this magical creation for a while. They are exploding with flavor and truly worth the choking hazard. I’d give three stars for appearance due to the adorable bucket and the glowing batter and four and a half for taste.

At this point, you’re probably thinking that I’m a really tough grader, and that’s somewhat true. However, there’s one thing I can think of that without a doubt deserves a five, or even a ten. That glorious thing is a big bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies. There are always the longest of lines at this booth for a reason. Portion control is out the window when eating these incredible treats. One cookie equals one bite, and no amount ingested is worth regretting. They’re perfectly fresh, perfectly cooked, and perfectly delicious. Sweet Martha’s Cookies easily stole my heart, and I’d give five stars for everything about them.

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Eva Berezovsky
Eva Berezovsky, Editor Emeriti
I'm Eva and I'm Co-Editor-in-Chief! I also edit Front and I've served as Creative Director and Editor of Features, InDepth, and Comedy in the past. Spectrum is my happy place where I can embrace my infatuation with graphic design, writing, and good conversation. Special place in my heart for this paper.
Steven Nye
Steven Nye, Editor Emeritus
I have been a contributing writer since sophomore year, and I was the Sci-Tech and Health editor the first semester of my Senior year. I am now the multimedia editor creating content for social media and the Spectrum YouTube channel. My favorite font is Futura Light.

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