Trump Card: top of the team

Tactics behind the politician’s success

Trumps unorthodox campaign has showed success so far.

Katerina Papanikolopolous

Trump’s unorthodox campaign has showed success so far.

It is almost impossible to turn on the news or read a newspaper without seeing something about the 2016 election. A number of delegates are running, and Donald Trump, in particular, stands out. With a rambunctious attitude and unorthodox ideas, he has become the center of attention in the last few months. What has become very apparent is that he is either loved or hated; there is no happy medium.

Trump is not an easy candidate to understand. His positions, policies and ideas are all over the board, but they all work to cater to Americans who are frustrated with the government in its current form.  

A lot of Trump’s flashiness comes from his transparency. On multiple occasions, Trump has been accused of being politically incorrect. On each of these occasions, Trump’s campaign has been predicted to falter, but he remains at the top of most polls.

“A lot of politicians are pretty fake, and the reason people lean towards Trump is because he is an open book. Trump says what he thinks, and he doesn’t care what other people think,” says Zac Johnson ‘18. For this reason, it is easy for voters to side with a figure like Trump who appears to have no secrets, or concern about being politically correct. A term that always seems to be associated with Trump is “refreshing,” as many voters find his audacious attitude to be very appealing.

Another influence on poll success is a candidate’s performance during debates. In both of the Republican debates, Trump has continued to grab the attention of voters. Stingy comments have continued to increase his coverage in the media. “The statements that he’s making are grabbing attention, and also placing his opponents in a difficult spot where they are both unwilling and incapable to answer certain questions” says Zahir Shaikh ‘16.

When fellow presidential hopefuls cannot answer Trump’s questions or respond to his statements, Trump appears confident, honest, and prepared.

All of these factors create a strong appeal for many voters. He has become the wild card rising to the top, but will Trump’s refreshing tactics remain prevalent among Republican voters? We will have to wait and see