Forum’s Forum

Despite the popular joke, Forum actually has done a lot since resuming meetings after a three-week hiatus. One of many ideas they are proposing is enforcing new detention rules that will be implemented for being absent numerous times for advisory. For example, students will be strictly held to their responsibilities during detention, such as to only use laptop computers for schoolwork. Otherwise, the computer would be confiscated for rest of the detention period, and that person would have to participate in an additional detention. Sophomore Forum Representative Sam Gelb ‘18 says, “It’s fair now that people can now use their computers during detention. Before, that wasn’t possible.”

Furthermore, Forum is going to remind students of voting procedures if the student body votes to have a Student Body President. Yesterday, Forum attempted to ratify the Student Body President Amendment, stating that the entire community was eligible to vote for next year’s Student Body President. Results will be released soon. Hypothetically, once this election is finished and if it succeeds in ratifying the amendment, the voting procedure for the junior and senior class presidents and then Forum members for sophomores, juniors, and seniors will begin. However, no one can hold the title of the Student Body President and a class president at once. Forum Co-Chair John Mullan ‘16 says, “I believe that with the title change will bring more opportunities to Blake, such as during Legacy Day. The power of Forum demonstrates students’ interests with the initiative at hand.”

Other ideas Forum is planning to implement involve leisure activities. For instance, paying for food trucks to come to school is one of them. In fact, as a consideration, Forum might bring ice cream trucks to the Otis Courtyard area in the Spring. Digital sign in/out is another issue Forum is addressing. Instead of typing a code to get into school, Forum is trying to allow all students to use IDs, which could improve security. Here is one long-term idea: the school is going to use Canvas, instead of Moodle starting next year.