“Senior Chant”- Should it be Permitted?

Amanda Ward, Contributing Writer

Senior Senior (clap clap, clap clap clap!)… is this really a chant or just an arrhythmic shout lacking in originality? The “Senior Chant” is a long held tradition since the mid-90’s in the Blake community. However, it has come to question whether the chant should be permitted in terms of inclusiveness and creativity. Shawn Reid, the senior grade dean, said, “that it comes down to the fact that the cheer is just plain boring.” In my opinion, the senior chant is just the same word repeated over and over again my ears need a break.

Speaking to those who absolutely love the chant, do not fret, for this is not a matter of controversy… unfortunately for me. Mr. Reid believes that there are different ways to have fun and and add zest in assembly. In the beginning of the year he talked with the seniors about ways to spice it up, but the seniors have not responded to this request because as Jessie Rudin ‘18 said, “The senior chant is a right of passage. We have watched the seniors before us do the chant now it is our turn.” In my opinion we need more inclusivity in our assemblies. It is one of our only times where each grade is together. I believe each grade level should create a fun cheer of their own, so everyone can all participate and the seniors can get what they want too. What do you think? Should it be a right of passage or should it be a new time for creativity, inclusivity, and diversity?