Martha Bennett Gallery debuts bird themed exhibit

A collaboration of classes


William Longley, Staff Writer

There is a new exhibit this month in the Martha Bennett Gallery on both art and nature. Students from Brian Sago’s Printmaking II teamed up with students from Will Bohrnsen’s Environmental Science to create an exhibit that is both educational and pretty to look at.

     The exhibit looks at the migratory paths of birds in North America by giving a description of the birds as well as a beautiful, large-scale print of each bird.

     As Natalie Anderson, ‘20 put it, “Using art for educational purpose really expanded my abilities to express information” and said the project was “fun because I know my art is going to actually be used for something educational.” The project took up all of second quarter for printmaking students; in fact, Sago dropped what was originally planned for that quarter because he enjoyed the idea, and so did the students.

     The project was a new experience for Sago as well, it was the first time having a large quantity of power tools working at the same time. Blake isn’t the final destination for the exhibit, eventually spikes are going to be assembled so the exhibit can be displayed along trails at the Silverwood Nature Center and Landscape Arboretum.