Profile of Elon Musk


     Elon Musk, a South African inventor and engineer, progressively strives towards bringing the world towards a technologically advanced future. Musk’s career took off when he sold his first company, an online city-guide, followed by the infamous PayPal, which Musk cofounded.

      He founded SpaceX, intending to develop a commercial space vehicle for travel. The company was the first to use reusable materials in creating their rockets, the “Falcon” rockets.

        Another one of his companies is Tesla Motors, focusing on creating reusable energy for better environmental sustainability. Tesla cars have become revolutionary, both with their technological benefits, safety, practicality, and running completely off electrical charge rather than gasoline.

      Musk’s latest project combined his inventions, launching one of his own Tesla models to orbit Mars, using the Falcon Heavy rocket. Musk simultaneously balances his companies with smaller projects, as well as developing future ones.

        He is an innovator advocating for reusable energy with the hopes of bringing us closer to a more sustainable future one project at a time.