Penny’s Coffee Shop drums up major attention

Shop’s popularity brings an unusually large crowd

Natallie Sabes, Staff Writer

Penny’s Coffee has two locations, one on Washington Avenue, downtown, and the other on 44th street in Linden Hills. Penny’s is a relatively new addition to the coffee scene, with both locations opening not more than two years ago. First, the downtown location opened, and after its success the a store in Linden Hills quickly followed. The parking at the downtown Penny’s is subpar, so it might be a better option after sports or rehearsal at the middle school to stop by Penny’s in Linden Hills for a drink or a bite to eat. Their menu contains both beverages and food, featuring ‘Linda’s Famous Avocado Toast’ or a ‘Banana Nutella Crepe’.

The architecture at both coffeeshops is what separates Penny’s from your average homework destination. It promotes light and positive vibes because of its big windows and high ceilings. It is definitely a design-driven coffee shop. Penny’s provides an inviting atmosphere, thanks to the beautiful architecture.

Although it might seem like a great place to do work, on a busy Saturday or Sunday morning, you might want to avoid bringing your homework. Because it is a great coffeeshop, it tends to get popular very quickly. The high popularity causes it to be busy and loud with people flowing in and out so beware if you prefer to work in a quiet environment.