Employment Opportunities At Edina Assisted Living Community Attract Students


Kaja Bingham and Paige Bernstein with a Waters resident

The Waters on 50th, an assisted living community located in Edina near 50th and France, currently employs five Blake juniors and seniors. Joely Gendler ‘19, Paige Bernstein ‘19, Olivia Paulek ‘19, Kai Sovell ‘19, and Mason Wordelman ‘21 all currently work as servers at the Waters Restaurant and Café.

Kaja Bingham ‘19, who now currently works at JUUT Salon Spa, was the first to begin working at the Waters and still occasionally covers shifts there. She began her sophomore year, saying “ I started working there because my grandma lives there and my best friend Ginger, who goes to southwest, well she graduated, but she also used to work there and I saw it as an opportunity to be able to see my grandma and also I get to see my best friend on like a daily basis.”

Bingham is also responsible for bringing in the other students working there today. The next to join was Bernstein who was looking for a job to fill time during the period when she returned from Swiss Semester and began attending Blake again. Further, around the time Bernstein started working, Bingham explains “we got a new boss that year too and she was in desperate need of hiring people so that’s when we started reaching out to everyone and we got Liv on and Joely and Kai and Mason.”

Gendler began working the summer before her senior year and currently works two-three times a week. She, as well as the others, work as servers. Gendler adds, “My favorite part is like talking to the residents and getting to meet all these people I wouldn’t normally meet because it is all high schoolers work there so I get to meet kids from other schools. Also, the residents are so sweet they want to know everything about us, they are all so curious.”