BEARdecott Award Begins. Olson and Buchanan preparing for Seattle.


Miki Rierson, Nadia Lee, Editors

Voting has begun for annual BEARdecott award and will continue until January 23rd. The BEARdecott award is a contest for children’s picture books at Blake, which the Lower School students call, “Everyone books,” and was modeled after the annual Caldecott award, an annual award celebrating the best American children’s’ picture books. The Upper School librarians have been conducting the BEARdecott Awards in the Upper School for, “about four to five years,” but according to Olson, compared to the Lower Schoolers, who are read each of the BEARdecott Award recipients, the Upper Schoolers participate in the contest less. The end of the BEARdecott award is timed with the Caldecott award, so the BEARdecott Ballot closes Tuesday, January 22.

On January 28, Olson and Buchanan will head to Seattle at attend where the Caldecott Award will be announced.