Recent Snow Days Caused by Climate Change

Students Question Whether Climate Change has Created the Polar Vortex

Recent Snow Days Caused by Climate Change

Zach Slavitt, Staff Writer

Recent weather patterns have caused several school cancellations and delays in the midwest region. The polar vortex has seemingly caused winter to go from on the warmer side to an unprecedented snowy summer. Patrick Fechtmeyer ‘20 says, “I think that there’s probably no connection.”

Despite doubts from certain students, it seems unlikely that the recent uptick in human-caused climate change hasn’t played a role in the extreme climate. As the polar ice caps have melted, weather has become more extreme and less predictable. The global warming especially of the poles has caused the jet stream, an intense wind across North America, to become less consistent and is likely at least partially causing the recent cold and snowy climate.

It is becoming a trend in recent years that certain times in winter are abnormally warm or cold and this year is just the latest to build upon it. Scientists predict similar trends to continue and even worsen in the coming years so don’t be surprised if the snow days continue to stack up in the coming months and years.