Minneapolis Continues to Grow with Final Four

Final Four continues to bring wealth and success to the East Minneapolis


Daniel Lesov, Online Editor

Around three years ago, a large debate was traveling through the Minneapolis area, many asking the question is the 1.1 billion dollar price for the US Bank Stadium worth it? With many significant events held at the stadium, the recent Final Four and the 2018 Super Bowl, the revenue coming made the large building price worth it.

The U.S. Bank stadium is allowing Minneapolis to grow economically, especially with these two huge sporting events. Projections estimate that the Superbowl brought in around 400 million dollars in spending in the area and the Final Four is expected to provide 142 million more. The fact that these two national events where even brought to Minneapolis and repaid the public funding only prove to show it’s worth.

The U.S. Bank stadium website explains that 498 million dollars were paid from public contribution such as the state of MN treasury and taxes. Some will argue that the money will not be fairly spread especially with small business being left behind; however, during these large events, these businesses continue to receive indirect benefits from the stadium weather fans are getting food before and after games, transportation to the stadium, hotels and so much more.

For the past three years, I have been bombarded with news of events happening at the bank from International Champions Cup soccer to concerts to the Superbowl. These events continue to draw larger crowds to the city especially the previous Downtown East area, formerly an area known for its parking lots and unused space. Now, this previously unknown area is flourishing with restaurants, shops, urban apartments, and more. The addition of the U.S. Bank stadium to our city has only resulted in benefits.